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WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship welcomes clearly written, useful essays on all aspects of writing center theory, pedagogy, and writing center administration.

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Before submitting a manuscript, please click here to read the IMPORTANT SUBMISSION INFORMATION compiled by the editors as our attempt to help your essay be accepted for publication. Also be sure that your manuscript complies with the requirements below. In 2015-2016 and 2014-2015, WLN accepted 12% of submitted manuscripts for publication.


Article is under 3000 words (under 1500 if a Tutor Column or review), including Works Cited and endnotes. Endnotes may have to be counted separately, depending on your word processor.

Article, Tutor Column, and review contain a complete "Works Cited" page, now in 2016 8th edition of the MLA Handbook.

Any notes are formatted as endnotes, in arabic numerals, rather than footnotes and placed before the Works Cited.

All personal/identity information has been removed from the manuscript and running head, but remain on the title page.

Submission is accompanied by a cover note comment that briefly explains your goals and intentions in sending your piece to WLN in particular.

The Editorial staff of WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship assumes that authors whose research involves human subjects have obtained the approval of the IRB at their institution before submitting an essay to this journal reporting on that research. If required by their institution to obtain an IRB, authors should indicate in their essay that they received approval. If an author is unsure about needing IRB approval, the editorial staff recommends that the author consult the local IRB at that institutional to see if approval is needed.

Fill out the form below in order to submit your manuscript for consideration. If you run into any problems or if you need help, please email Fields marked with a * are required. If your submission was written by multiple authors, only include your name above and include the names of the other authors both on the manuscript and in the "Cover Letter" field below.

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Current Reviewers

"The folks listed below are the giants for WLN and its authors. These committed readers provided comments, suggestions, and questions for writers, prompting even better articles and columns. They illustrate the best practices of our writing center work, and we thank them on behalf of all our WLN writers and readers." - Muriel Harris, Editor

Aguirre, Aurora - Universit├Ąt Regensburg
Scudder, Shana - University of North Carolina Greensboro

Bond, Candis - Augusta University
Boquet, Beth - Fairfield University
Carroll, Heather - University of Wisconsin
Cochran, Cynthia - Illinois College
Custer, Jason - Minnesota State University
Dembsey, Jenelle - Miami University of Ohio
Denny, Harry - Purdue University
Driscoll, Dana - Indiana University
Eckstein, Grant - Brigham Young University
Freeman, Elliott - Jefferson College
Grogan, Shareen - National University
Gladstein, Jill - Swarthmore College
Gyendina, Mariya - University of Minnesota
Hamby, Jim - Middle Tennessee State University
Hewerdine, Jennifer - University of Tennessee
Higgins, Erin - Northeastern Illinois University
Hill, Heather - University of Maryland
Holland, Allison - University of Arkansas
Klimo, Christina - University of Dayton
Latta, Mark - Marian University
Lawson, Daniel - Central Michigan University
Lerner, Neal - Northeastern University
Macauley, Bill - University of Nevada Reno
Matthews, Liz - West Chester University
Mitchell, Jennifer - SUNY Potsdam
Paz, Enrique - Miami University of Ohio
Powers, Elizabeth - University of Maine
Prince, Sarah - Walden University
Radke, Chuck - California State University
Stock, David - Brigham Young University
Willard, Rachel - Walden University

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